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CCC ProcessClaims™ delivers solutions to real business problems. Every solution is designed to help your organization reduce Loss Cost and Loss Adjustment Expense while improving Customer Satisfaction

Business Process Automation

Custom configured workflow allows your company to streamline and standardize your claims handling. Our products are configured to fit your process, resulting in more efficient claims processing.

4 You define the rules and valid actions for every function in your company
4 Data driven business rules route documents and schedule tasks
4 Alerts automatically identify overdue tasks
4 Manual processes and costly paperwork are eliminated
4 Adoption of industry best practices improve your process

Vendor Management /Connectivity

All your business partners are connected allowing you to:

4 Incorporate their actions into your workflow
4 Increase visibility into their activity as it relates to your claims
4 Monitor and Measure performance
4 Communicate effectively
4 Automatically document all actions
4 Collaborate online with all parties involved in the claim

Data Analysis

All documents and activities are captured as data elements, not images. This capture allows you to fully leverage intelligent, data driven rules.

Calculate loss data to improve results
4 Quantify cycle time data to manage the process
4 Analyze historical trends to measure effectiveness
4 Scrutinize the numbers that you need to achieve your goals
4 Investigate organization to increase efficiencies

Functional Integration

All functionality is available using the browser-based GUI or by employing XML Web Services. This built-in connectivity allows your company to add functionality to your existing applications thereby preserving your technology investment. In addition, you can pick and choose the features you need and pay as you go. When compared to traditional application software, costs can be significantly lower in the areas of implementation, training, and maintenance.







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